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I am 32 years old. I live in Mid-Missouri. If you feel you need to know anything else, just ask.
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St. Louis Cardinals Logos with Proportionally Correct Birds and Bats

Craig Robinson is a British artist living in Mexico City. He has written and illustrated four books, the latest, “Flip Flop Fly Ball” published by Bloomsbury in 2011. www.flipflopflyball.com

Doctors Without Borders is an international medical organization that provides independent, impartial assistance in more than 60 countries to people whose survival has been threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. Please help us reach our goal of $2,000 by donating here.

Y’all, OldTimeFamilyBaseball is only $180 from meeting its $2,000 fundraising goal for Doctors Without Borders. To reach its goal, the blog’s administrator Michael Clair blogged every half hour for 24 hours (a “blogathon”) and today he enlisted some of the Internet’s finest baseball/sports/culture/fun bloggers to write guest posts (see, e.g., this, Craig Robinson’s entry). Help Michael get to his goal and support a great cause. Click here to donate.