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From the St. Louis Art Museummy nightmares

And I have a problem with all the St. Louis haters out there.

More specifically, I dislike all those who live or grew up in the vicinity and hate on it. 

I have lived in other places, east coast and mid-west respectively, and decided to settle in St. Louis. There are many reasons why I live here and many of them have to do with family and friends but St. Louis also offers many other amenities that make it one hell of a city. 

Now I am sure there is a list out there with 100 awesome things St. Louis has to offer and you can Google it and check it out but that is not going to stop me from listing the things I especially love about it. 

A free zoo. You can literally walk in and walk out at your leisure. There is even free parking if you are smart about it.

Forest Park. Literally everything cultural and fun is located in one big city park. Want to catch theater under the stars? The Muny has free seats. Like art and science? The Art Museum and Science Center are just a walk around the park. Enjoy downward dog? Free yoga on Sunday mornings. All in this giant city playground.

City Museum. A giant, indoor/outdoor jungle gym is located in downtown St. Louis. Kids and adults alike can be found going down the 7 story slide. You be hard pressed to find a place where you could take your kids and have a great first date.

Sports. St. Louis is a baseball town and home to World Series Champs. It can also be a hockey and football town given the success of the teams. Even though I am not the biggest Cardinals (GO PHILS!) fan, I love how on any given summer day you can probably grab a cheap or free baseball ticket. 

Neighborhoods. The St. Louis City limits has very diverse and distinct neighborhoods. The Hill has great Italian restaurants, Dogtown hosts a great St. Patty’s Day Parade, The Central West End is hip and happening and South City is the perfect mix of neighborhood and excitement (biased as that is my neighborhood).  

The People. STL has the friendliest people around. A friend from the east visited and noticed that every time we walked down the street people would either nod their head hello or say hi. She wondered if I knew them all. Nope, that is just the residents being awesome.

Some people think that St. Louis can’t hold a candle to Chicago, NYC or LA and that is quite okay. St. Louis isn’t trying to be any of them. And that is probably what I love about it the most.

Derrick Goold is no one-trick pony. As political commentary goes, this is as sharp as anything out there.

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Joe Buck and St. Louis radio personality Tim McKernan interview Charlie Sheen. The interview is featured on 590 AM’s The Fan KFNS, which carries Buck and McKernan’s new radio show. Love him or hate him, the guy is a good interview. The interview is heavy on baseball content and I am now a Charlie Sheen fan.

Nos. 17, 18, and 19 in the series.

No. 15 in the series? I can keep going …

Nos. 11 and 12 in the series.

No. 9 in the series.

No. 10 in the series. Obviously, Theriot is talking to Furcal and/or the outfield.

No. 8 in the series.

No. 7 in the series.

Nos. 5 and 6 in the series.