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Or, what I wrote for The Post-Dispatch on Thursday when I wasn’t opening packs of baseball cards and catching up on box scores and statistics during the off day.

Includes a Bill Clinton/KMOX story:

7. BOB HYLAND JR. , KMOX — In 1952, Hyland became the general manager of the local 50,000-watt blowtorch and he quickly convinced CBS Radio of the asset baseball could be to the station. He brought the Cardinals to KMOX and by doing so took the Cardinals to a region, from The Mall in Washington D.C. to the mountains of Denver, from the bayous in Louisiana to the big woods in Wisconsin. If you want to know why there is a Cardinals Nation, it’s because of KMOX. Within 10 years of Hyland getting the Cardinals for KMOX, the network had grown to 110 stations in 10 states. It was estimated that 40 states and six Canadian provinces could tune into 1120 AM, and KMOX became the launchpad for an All-Star team of broadcasters. Lou Brock day-dreamed about playing pro ball while listening to games on KMOX in Louisiana.

President Bill Clinton listened to KMOX while doing his homework in Arkansas. On a rainy night at Shea Stadium, he walked up to me outside the Cardinals’ clubhouse, pointed to my KMOX windbreaker, and said, “Well, how great a job is that to cover baseball for KMOX? Good for you.” I have Hyland to thank for that moment.


St. Louis Cardinals Logos with Proportionally Correct Birds and Bats

Craig Robinson is a British artist living in Mexico City. He has written and illustrated four books, the latest, “Flip Flop Fly Ball” published by Bloomsbury in 2011. www.flipflopflyball.com

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I hate the Brewers, but the Nationals fan in me looooooves the Nyjer Morgan show.


Thanks to Lance Berkman, the Cardinals have started my new favorite baseball tradition: wearing  thrift store turtlenecks. Thanks to Fat Elvis, the Cardinals have become a team full of hipsters, so don’t be shocked when you see Skip Schumaker and Jake Westbrook at the next Deerhunter concert. 

Mitchell Boggs has gone all in though, clearly establishing himself as the second greatest Boggs to ever play the game. While describing his turtleneck, Boggs said:

“It is a woman’s medium from 1970, so it is a little snug. It is Big Bird yellow. I was trying to get the most outlandish one I could find. Not to toot my own horn, but I like my ensemble right now.”

Stirrup socks were last year, this season turtlenecks are all the rage. 

(Photo via Big League Stew)

 Relevant to my interests.

I didn’t realize a plan was in place.  Excellent!

Negotiations between the club and Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano, resumed this week and have taken on a “positive” tone, according to several sources familiar with the process.